Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

On each individual footage clip page there is an instant pay option allowing for payment of the selected clip to be processed immediately via PayPal. Once payment has processed you will be redirected to an order form page on our website. The form needs to be fully completed for your order to be processed. Your footage download links are then sent to the email address you provided on the order form. We strive to make ordering as easy as possible and to fulfill your orders as fast as we can. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding ordering. 

Please Note: You must agree with the Terms Of Use License to compete your purchase.

Do The Viewable Clips Represent The Quality Of A Purchased Clip?

No. The clips viewable online on each clip page are highly compressed and rendered out at a maximum of 720p. Even with a fast internet connection these online streaming clips have a highly compressed look, especially where motion is involved, and in no way represent the original and final purchased clip quality. Please request a sample clip, via email, to see the full quality of a clip you are interested in purchasing. 

Are The Bears Interfered With For The Sake Of Filming?

No. We never interfere with the bears in any way when filming. We only monitor them to film their activities while in urban areas. We do not manipulate the environment to get a shot or alter their behavior. 

What are the terms of use for our footage?

All our footage is governed by our Terms Of Use License. It is licensed as Rights-ready for use in one production or program within TV documentary, news, editorial and educational programming. This license includes the right to distribute the production in its final form in all media now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity. For all other uses including commercial, advertising and film please contact us for pricing.

Have The Clips Been Altered In Any Way or had any Post-Production Done To Them?

No. The clips are in the original camera profile condition. This means that some have been captured using custom camera profiles and others with a standard neutral profile. No form of post has been carried out on the clips - this is to preserve clip quality and to allow for the client to get the most out of their post-production procedures. The only exception is where a vehicle license plate has been obscured.

Can I Request A Sample Clip?

Yes. You can download a full-resolution, watermarked sample clip so that you can check the image quality. Just click on the Sample tab at the top of the page. Then fill out the request form to receive an email containing download links for a Photo-JPEG clip and an H.264 clip.